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How to open a shop on the Kraken

If you plan to open a store on KRAKEN, then first you should familiarize yourself with the terms of placement presented on the site, and only then proceed to opening a store. 1.Pass registration. If you are registered on the site as a buyer and actively use your account, we recommend that you create another account to administer the store. Just like the previous time, create a username and password.
2.After registering and entering the site with your new login and password, go directly to your profile itself by clicking on the avatar icon in the upper right corner and click the "Create ticket" button. Indicate in the application the subject of the ticket "Application for the opening of the store." Next, you need to write a message asking you to open a store and indicate the desired name of the store, after checking that the name does not coincide with other outlets on the Kraken. If the name is still taken, the moderator will point it out to you.
3.Once the application has been reviewed and approved, your store will become available to buyers. A personal moderator will be attached to it, to whom you can contact if you have questions.